Analysis of Republican Primary Results in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District

Ray McKinney’s solid first place finish in a field of four Republican candidates shows that his message is resonating with 12th District voters.

According to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office:

  • Ray received 42.6 percent of the vote, nearly 15 percentage points higher than his nearest competitor.
  • Ray carried 18 of 22 counties in the district.
  • The strongest county percentage-wise was Toombs, where he received 67 percent of the vote.
  • In Chatham, Ray finished in second place, just 119 votes behind the leader. That was much better than expected, since his three challengers were all from Chatham.
  • 27,458 people voted in the Republican Primary compared to 16,686 in 2008. That’s an increase of nearly 40 percent!
  • Turnout in the Democrat Primary was down 43 percent! In 2008, 59,190 Democrats voted compared to only 33,666 in 2010.

A McKinney victory over Barrow is very possible, but who turns out to vote is the key. What’s needed is an energized conservative base combined with support from Democrats and independents who are tired of high taxes, record deficits and high unemployment.

2 Responses to Analysis of Republican Primary Results in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District

  1. Ann Lindholm says:

    I am so proud of Ray McKinney, who is the right man for the job. I am even more proud of the Conservatives and their voter turnout!!!!! I am not so proud of the Democrat turnout, but very thankful! Is that wrong? Don’t answer that, I know it is. Great job Ray!

  2. Ray,

    Congratuations on your victory. We are with you on your quest to defeat John Barrow. I live in Sparta Ga. Please let me and my wife know what we can do along with other conservatives in the area to help you defeat Barrow.

    Thank you,

    Charles 678-787-4734

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