GPB GOP Runoff Debate: Fact-Checking Smith

Ray was invited to GPB’s debate this past Sunday, but politely declined the invitation as he already had plans inside of his district in southeast Georgia. Ray had a full schedule on Sunday including Church and worship, a meet and greet, and much-needed time in the office.

His opponent decided to make the long, out-of-district drive to attend the debate while Ray was represented by an empty podium. This gave Smith the perfect opportunity to focus on the issues; however, he instead used the time to spread misinformation and attack Ray – who he named and nuanced far more frequently than he ever mentioned Democrat incumbent John Barrow. Later, off camera, Carl made egregious allegations to members of the press that were an outright assault against staff members and volunteers of the McKinney campaign that were all later debunked.

Here’s an excellent post from Icarus Pundit on PeachPundit. Click here to read: Empty Podiums and Arrogance.

Here’s fact-checking Carl Smith:

3 Responses to GPB GOP Runoff Debate: Fact-Checking Smith

  1. Dennis says:

    Georgia needs someone who will follow through and keep his word. Carl Smith obviously isn’t that person. I can’t wait to see Ray McKinney go to Washington.

  2. alvaro Rodriguez says:

    GO RAY GO !!! Carl is not the guy we need representing us in D.C.. We need a person that is conservative, honest, and that will fight for the people of the 12th district ,and Ray Mckinney is the one that can do that.

  3. I’m glad that we have a Candidate in this race who is a TRUE Conservative Republican, Ray McKinney. Ray has the support of the Tea Party Express, and many other tea party organizations. Lou Uhler, a legend who fights constantly for the tax payer also supports Ray. Ray has earned the support of many prestigious organizations and highly regarded people because Ray is the only candidate who can beat John Barrow. Ray is the only candidate in the runoff who is from the Private Sector. Ray has created jobs and meet a payroll. Ray knows and means JOBS, John talks JOBS! GO RAY GO!!!

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