Hey, John Barrow – where’s the $1.1 trillion you owe us?

Congressman John Barrow recently announced on his website that his office was responsible for the return of $3.3 million to families and individuals owed money by the federal government, stating that the amount “includes money that the government owed Georgia businesses, seniors, and veterans, or that it was wrongfully trying to take away.”

That’s all well and good (after all, casework is a proper function of congressional offices) but while he congratulates himself, he fails to address legitimate concerns of his spending. For example, what about the so-called stimulus packages, supported by Barrow, that mostly funded pork projects to help get Democrat incumbents reelected?

With real unemployment approaching 20 percent, we have the right to ask John Barrow:  ”where is the $1.1 trillion you owe us?”

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