Energy Solutions

A new national energy tax narrowly passed the House of Representatives and is currently in the Senate. The Democrats’ Cap and Trade Bill, H.R. 2454, would massively raise taxes on all Americans. Electricity rates and the cost of petroleum-based fuels will skyrocket, impacting every household and business in our nation. Millions of jobs will relocate to foreign counties, causing even higher unemployment.

Ray has decades of professional experience in the energy industry, and is currently employed as a nuclear power project manager. He supports the House Republican-sponsored American Energy Act which increases American-made energy production in an environmentally sound manner. The legislation provides tax incentives to encourage energy efficiency and conservation, and it cuts red tape and frivolous litigation that hinders the development of new energy sources.

Democrats continue to tout so-called “green energy” such as windmills and solar panels as the best answer to our nation’s energy needs, but experience has shown that they clearly do not provide the necessary power to replace current energy sources. Under the American Energy Act,100 new nuclear power plants would be constructed in the next 20 years and millions of acres of American land currently closed to energy development would be available for oil, gas, and shale oil exploration and extraction.

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