Healthcare Reform

The new Health Care Law is not only a financial boondoggle that saddles future generations with trillions of dollars in new debt, it’s eventual goal is to bring about complete government take over of the health care industry. This is personal for Ray: his wife and mother are nurses, and several other family members work in health care fields.

One of the most onerous features of the law is the mandate that all U.S. citizens must purchase health care insurance. This is a violation of the U.S. Constitution which has never before allowed the federal government to force every person to purchase a product. The provision has been challenged in federal court, but it will likely take years to resolve the issue. Rather than wait for the courts to decide, Congress should vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with common-sense, free-market solutions.

Several Republican proposals are before Congress, which would:

  • allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines;
  • allow individuals, organizations, and businesses to form pools for the acquisition of lower priced insurance already available to large corporations and labor unions;
  • give states the ability to create their own innovative reforms to lower health care costs; and
  • end junk lawsuits which make health care more expensive because doctors often order unnecessary tests to protect themselves from being sued.

The Empowering Patients First Act, sponsored by Dr. Tom Price, (R-Marietta) provides access to coverage for all Americans by making health care financially feasible, covers pre-existing conditions, and protects employer-sponsored insurance. Patients would truly own their coverage, would have greater choice and portability, and employers would have more flexibility in the benefits offered. The bill also would reduce costs by targeting waste, fraud and abuse and medical liability reform.

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