Our Borders & Immigration

America is a great country. We are the beacon of hope and opportunity across the world for those looking for a fresh start and new beginning. The lack of enforcement of our immigration policies and failure to secure our borders threatens the stability of the very way of life that has drawn so many here for centuries and we are cheating the dreams of our ancestors if we continue on the failed course we are on now. Politics as usual has failed us in securing our border and strengthening the security of our country.

John Barrow has failed us.

This means not only the entry and exit of people coming to our country, but also the effective and safe screening of cargo at our ports.

  • I will push legislation to address border security by increasing manpower and making needed technological and infrastructure improvements on America‚Äôs northern and southern borders
  • Finish the border fence
  • Add Border Patrol Agents
  • Add Port of Entry Inspectors
  • Certify our Border is secure
  • Enforce visiting VISA deadlines
  • Construct detention facilities at our border to end catch and release policies
  • Expand aerial surveillance at our border
  • Expand the current E-verify program for all employers to ensure they have an easy and effective way to verify legal status of employees
  • Have stiff penalties for employer violation of immigration workforce laws
  • End the policy of anchor babies by supporting HR 1940
  • Stop construction of a NAFTA Super Highway
  • Establish English as our official language

Campaign Telephone: 912-228-5092

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