As Troops Come Home From Iraq, McKinney Reminds Voters That Barrow Opposed Surge

Contact: David Cutbirth, 404-277-2349

VIDALIA—After President Barack Obama Tuesday night declared combat operations in Iraq at an end, the 12th District Republican Nominee for Congress Ray McKinney reminded the people of Southeast Georgia that Democrat Incumbent John Barrow voted against the surge that made tonight’s announcement possible.

“In 2007, John Barrow took to the floor of the House to declare his opposition to the troop surge initiated by President Bush,” said McKinney (R-Lyons). Now President Obama and the Democrats are taking credit for ending the war. It’s disingenuous to take credit for an accomplishment brought about by a military action they opposed by a President they tried to thwart at every turn.”

McKinney continuted, “If Obama and Barrow had been successful in their opposition to the surge, more troops and civilians would have been killed and the U.S. would have left Iraq in disgrace and defeat. They would have had blood on their hands.”

McKinney said he’s very concerned that as combat troops leave, violence is continuing and escalating and the Iraqis have failed to form a government six months after the election.

“Frankly, I think the President is declaring victory prematurely,” said McKinney. “I believe there’s a real possibility U.S. combat troops will have to return to quell violence and stabilize the situation so an effective government can be formed.”

In his speech to the nation from the newly redecorated Oval Office, Obama called on the country to turn to solving its domestic problems, especially the economy.

“The problem with that is the policies being pushed by Obama, Barrow and the Democrats are killing jobs, and many economists believe we are on the verge of a double dip recession,” said McKinney. “What is needed is for our leaders to embrace solutions that work: cut spending, reduce taxes, and ease burdensome regulations. Only then will our country be able to get back on track.”