McKinney Billboard Campaign Hits Barrow, Pelosi

Vidalia, GA — A billboard campaign for Republican Congressional Candidate Ray McKinney warns voters not to stay home on election day – or else Incumbent Democrat John Barrow and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi get to keep their jobs.

“Vote Ray McKinney on Nov. 2 or they keep their jobs,” the billboards read.
Under the words are McKinney’s campaign logo next to pictures of Barrow and Pelosi.
The first billboard went up in Sandersville over the weekend. More are expected soon throughout the 12th Congressional District.

“This message serves two purposes,” McKinney said. “First, it reminds Georgians that, if they do not vote, decisions will get made without their input. Second, I want voters to remember that so many Americans and so many Georgians are out of work, Nancy Pelosi and John Barrow haven’t done anything to remedy that and they might just get to keep their jobs anyway.”