McKinney Supports Kingston Bill to Lower Drinking Age on Military Bases

Contact: David Cutbirth, 404-277-2349

VIDALIA—A proposal to lower the drinking age on military bases has drawn the support of Ray McKinney, candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 12th District.

“As the son of a Vietnam War veteran, it only makes sense that people who are willing to die for their country should be able to have a beer or glass of wine on base, especially in time of war,” said McKinney.

HR 5958, introduced by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Savannah) in July, would allow active duty service members aged 18 to 20 to consume beer and wine at restaurants and enlisted clubs on military bases. The bill would not allow sale of beer or wine to minors at convenience stores and base exchanges on base.

“I certainly believe men and women who are responsible enough to risk their lives in defense of their country can be trusted to drink responsibly,” said McKinney. “I understand some GOP House members don’t agree, but I support my friend Jack Kingston on this issue.”

Kingston represents the neighboring First Congressional District.