McKinney Wins Overwhelmingly in 12th District Runoff

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Port Wentworth, GA — Ray McKinney is the overwhelming choice by 12th District Republicans to face incumbent Democrat John Barrow inNovember.

“I have a message for Mr. Barrow—we’re coming for you next!” McKinney told cheering supporters at his victory party in this suburb of Savannah. McKinney, 48, a nuclear energy project manager from Lyons, garnered over 62 percent of the vote and won 20 of 22 counties in the Republican primary runoff against Thunderbolt volunteer fire chief Carl Smith. McKinney creating jobs is the main issue of the general election campaign.

“Jobs are fleeing the 12th District, tackled by higher taxes, and our energy dependence is greater than when Barrow took his seat from a real conservative,” said McKinney in his victory speech. “We the people are tired of these politics and these job killing policies. John Barrow must go!”

Over 22,000 voters participated in the Republican congressional runoff, an 80 percent retention rate from the July 10th primary vote. McKinney pointed out the re-election results show the conservative base in the district is energized and poised to win in November. “Our campaign will be one of positive solutions. Getting my neighbors theirjobs back is priority one. My platform is simple: cut spending, cut taxes,create jobs, and protect liberty. I will get the job done.”