One Nation PAC Endorses Ray McKinney for Congress in Georgia

Contact: Kelly S. Eustis 518-796-8999 / kelly[at]onenationpac[dot]org

Sacramento, CA – One Nation PAC, a conservative political action committee, has announced its endorsement of Ray McKinney for Congress in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.

“Ray McKinney is the ideal conservative candidate,” said Kelly S. Eustis, Executive Director of One Nation PAC. “With a professional career in the energy industry and civic involvement as a Tea Party activist, Ray truly understands the values that Georgians and Americans are seeking in a U.S. Representative in Congress. He is the best choice to defeat vulnerable incumbent John Barrow, a tax-and-spend Democrat.”

McKinney was a candidate for the 12th Congressional District in 2008, but came in second in the Republican primary against an establishment candidate who was heavily-funded. Knowing his calling was to fight against out-of-control spending in Washington and bring the Republican Party back to its conservative roots, Ray became an activist and was once again called upon to run for Congress earlier this year.

“We are behind Ray 100% and look forward to seeing him elected this November,” said Eustis. One Nation PAC is a conservative political action committee dedicated to the ideals of lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense, energy independence, common sense healthcare, and family values.

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