McKinney Earns an “A” From NRA

Contact: David Cutbirth 404-277-2349

(Washington, DC) — The National Rifle Association this week recognized 12th District Congressional Candidate Ray McKinney for his strong commitment to Second Amendment rights. The NRA granted him an “A” rating, based on his answers to the organization’s 2010 candidates’ questionnaire. NRA grades officeholders and candidates on their support for Americans right to keep and bear arms, as outlined in the Second Amendment, and an ‘A’ rating is the highest award given by the NRA.

“As a lifelong hunter, firearms collector and longtime holder of a conceal and carry permit, I’m very honored to receive the highest grade the NRA grants,” said McKinney (R-Lyons). “Congressman John Barrow also claims to be pro-Second Amendment, but he supports Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who routinely pushes to restrict the right to bear arms. When I’m elected, she won’t get a bit of support from me.”

McKinney is a member of the Georgia Conceal and Carry organization, which lobbies for Second Amendment rights. He sums up his position on the Second Amendment as “What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?”