Tax Payer Champion Lew Uhler Endorses Ray McKinney

Release Date July 13, 2010 | Contact: David Cutbirth 404-277-2349

Vidalia, GA—Describing Republican Congressional candidate Ray McKinney as a “real fiscal conservative in the Reagan image,” Lew Uhler, president and founder of the National Tax Limitation Committee is supporting the nuclear power project manager in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Ronald Reagan; we brought about some very real fiscal change,” stated Uhler. “I see that same commitment in Ray McKinney, a true, seasoned, proven job creator. He can beat the Obama and Pelosi choice, incumbent liberal Democrat John Barrow.”

Uhler has been a pioneer at the head of national movements for tax limitation and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution. The National Tax Limitation Committee is a grassroots organization devoted to limiting spending in state and federal government.

“Mr. Barrow earned a ‘D’ on the National Tax Limitation congressional scorecard for his voting record over the last two sessions,” said Uhler. “He clearly doesn’t represent the fiscal conservative dimension of the district where he’ll say one thing, but votes with Pelosi when he’s in Washington, D.C.”

McKinney said he is very pleased to have Uhler’s support.

“For over four decades, Lew Uhler has been fighting the battle to reduce taxes and cut runaway government spending,” McKinney said. “Barrow voted for bailouts, increased spending, faux budgets, and new entitlement programs which damage our economy and working families. I will work to be a tireless champion of the taxpayer. My goal is to create new jobs through a restored economy.”


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